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Mr. Multihyphenate

Actor - Director - Vocalist - Songwriter: the multihyphenate James Blake Carrington has spent years mastering his respective crafts, and is set to take the rest of 2023 by storm. A world-altering pandemic presented the world with unimaginable challenges that shook the global community to its core; but amidst it all, 2020 brought out a clarity of vision and a new level of exposure and notoriety for that has paved the way for what is to come.


Gifted. Grounded. Grateful. Genuine. The rarest of combinations given the goods, meet James Blake Carrington: vocalist/songwriter and thriving actor/director. Born from life-altering news and an unbreakable resolve, the Harlem vocalist's debut album, Be A Man garnered notable attention and put the street soul vocalist on the music industry radar. A natural tenor, Carrington commands a five-octave range that stands hairs on necks and sends chills down spines. No stranger to the spotlight, Blake has travelled internationally to share his gift, most notably delivering a stellar performance at Tiffany's Fashion Week in Paris, France. In addition to recording and sharing stages with notable greats like Jagged Edge, Ne-Yo, Keyshia Cole and Akon amongst others, Carrington is the sole vocalist on Dymond Mine Records, the label imprint of  legendary Grammy award-winning producer Diamond D.

In addition to his passion for musicianship, Carrington is a certified SAG-AFTRA actor and director, adding credibility to his talent both in front of and behind the camera. Mostly known for his music career, Carrington reprised his role as the #1 actor stand-in/stunt double for Nicholas Pinnock in the award-winning ABC television drama "FOR LIFE".  He landed his first speaking role in Netflix's breakout television series "Orange is The New Black" directed by Jodie Foster, along with roles in "Blue Bloods" with Donnie Wahlberg, "Nurse Jackie" featuring Morris Chestnut and Showtime's hit series "Billions". No rookie to the big screen either Carrington has made several movie appearances, namely in “American Gangster” (Denzel Washington & Russell Crowe), "Spider-Man 2" and "Draft Day" (Kevin Costner) among others. 


As his name continues to circulate and his face card expands, he continues to extend his gifted talents in the acting and music worlds. There will be many more great things in the "now" future for the multi-talented James "Blake Carrington". Stay Tuned In.

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